going from summer to hockey season like 


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Gabriel goofing around ft. a Segway [x]

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jonathan toews is s’cute in the “we all play for canada” video

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get to know me: [4/5] video games → Bioshock Infinite

You see, my friends. Even God is entitled to a do-over. And what is Columbia, but another ark for another time?

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Yo, I was darcykuemps yesterday but now I’m finnesotans… But this is my 2nd follow forever commemorating 1k followers!! I don’t understand who or what or where or when or how you came to me, but you guys ALL rock! And if I forget you than I’m so so sorry! (ps you should follow all these people)

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It begins.

Some one put jontron in time out and tell him he’s not getting chocolate milk before nap time anymore until he learns to behave

There’s more


why is this guy SUCH A DICK like i don’t GET IT

Free!: Eternal Summer → Victory Smiles ← Episode 6
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"I will eliminate you."

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