It begins.

Some one put jontron in time out and tell him he’s not getting chocolate milk before nap time anymore until he learns to behave

There’s more


why is this guy SUCH A DICK like i don’t GET IT

Free!: Eternal Summer → Victory Smiles ← Episode 6
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"I will eliminate you."

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secret diary: nhl edition

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Most of these actors are too old, some of the edits are still messy but I’m tired of staring at them on photoshop, and we’re never going to agree on houses for everyone BUT I think I should get a solid B for effort. (list of actors can be found here)

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"Impressive, impervious, imperious”. “The brain”. “A fiercely committed winner, tactically astute and with the physical capacity to dictate games all day long”. “A manager’s dream”. “A heartbeat to the midfield, a rock, a warrior and a deserved champion”. “Germany’s ultimate field warrior”. “A gladiator of the Allianz Arena and a conductor of the German machine”. “Indestructible, indefatigable”. “The heart and the pulse”. “A full-blown national hero”. “The majestic and the great”. “The Chosen One”. "F u ß b a l l g o t t".

O1.O8 - Happy 30th birthday, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

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